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This game was built for the 1-Button Jam. The objective of this jam was to make a game that only required one button to use.

One of the themes was growth. So I decided to make my take on the classic Snake game. The concept's pretty simple. You control a snake which, as it eats fruit, grows longer. You die if you run into yourself which gets progressively harder as the snake gets larger. I also put in some bombs which you have to avoid.

The twist in this version is that, while normally you can control which way the snake turns, in this case since you've only got one button the direction the snake turns will depend on when you push the button. There's an arrow pointing in the direction the snake will turn which switches back and forth from left to right and so if you want to go in a particular direction you have to time it correctly.

To be clear, you can press any key or even the mouse. They all do the same thing so they function as "one button" for the purposes of the game.

All sound is from Soundsnap.com.

Install instructions

Option 1. Just download and run the installer (the MSI file).

Option 2. Download the zip file, extract the contents and run "One Button Snake.exe".


One Button Snake Installer.msi 3 MB
One Button Snake.zip 2 MB

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